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We provide Online Birth Coaching Services for all first-time moms, expectant mothers on their 2nd child, and even friends or family to support the Mother to be in the household!

Certified Online Birth Coaches providing service nationwide!

Virtual Birth DoulaPreparations for birth is a mixed bag of emotions around uncertainties, decisions, insights, fundamental learning, goals, fears, nearness, support and giving up. We examine approaches to encourage work and open measures during the pregnancy. In any case, the discussions are substantially more nuanced than this. They’re edifying, intriguing and proof based. We guarantee that educated choices are made all throughout the pregnancy and birth, that partners feel involved in the mentorship of the virtual doula and that the birthing lady advocates for herself the entire route through.

Virtual Birth CoachVirtual Doula Birth Coaching Sessions

Our virtual doula conferences on birthing classes will comprise making inquiries, weekly or daily follow-ups, planning of the different stages of pregnancy, sharing insights, and helping sort out choices and thoughts without prejudice. I understand our friends and the Internet have a wide range of answers. Nonetheless, we value ladies’ needs and we recommend chatting with a certified and experienced doula or birth coach during the whole pregnancy and even afterward.


Our virtual birth doula benefits ordinarily include:

  • Counsels with the pregnant mom
  • Counsels with the couple planning for the birth
  • Interviews with the individual intending to go about as neighborhood doula (on the off chance that one) amid work and conveyance
  • Sourcing for health care supplies
  • Audit of medicinal alternatives, concerns, and advantages
  • Survey of instruments to ease inconvenience and help work to advance
  • Activities are given for profound breathing and associating with the infant
  • Help to compose and altering a basic birth plan
  • Separation Reiki sent prenatally and additionally amid work
  • Custom on-screen labor classes
  • Interviews baby blues for handling your introduction to the world story
  • Calls to talk about unavoidable inquiries amid the fourth trimester

honest birth talk virtual birth coachesHonest Birth Talk Online Doulas Will Help You!

The founders of Honest Birth Talk CRYSTAL and MICHAELA are energetic instructors and moms with a one of a kind birth and child-rearing experience. We will enable families to be an amazing specialist for the care of their infant. We have seen such a large number of families hand over their self-sufficiency and power amid the birth involvement; that absence of certainty conveys into parenthood.

We mentor and enable families to ask the correct inquiries, to unquestionably confide in their instinct, and to shed the blame and judgment pushed on them by society. Trust in parenthood begins amid pregnancy and birth.

Plan ahead with our Professional Virtual Doulas

At Honest Birth Talk, we will bolster your entire pregnancy stages from the early trimester and until your initial couple of months with the infant!

Proficient online birthing mentors at Honest Birth Talk will be in reach by means of your cell phone for your benefit. We are affirmed birth mentors/doulas and are likewise moms ourselves. We will think about you and your baby as though it were our own.

We guarantee quality service and guidance to encourage you and your baby to be solid and prepared for birth regardless of any circumstance.

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